The Equitable Equine Industry: All You Have To Know

Horse racing is a popular leisure and past time that attracts a huge number of individuals from different places and origins. This is quite apparent especially when big time horse racing events take place having a multitude of attendees. Equine industry in some way has united different types of people from lawyers, judges to criminals alike where all sorts can mix together under the one umbrella.

The Equitable Equine Industry: All You Have To Know

As mentioned earlier, many are drawn to the allure of horse racing be it the sport and competition itself or the pot money that is involved. It should be noted that one can be a fan of horse racing without engaging in betting activities. The sport itself is exciting and seeing top elite horse race to compete who is faster is a joy to watch and unfold. Horses look majestic when running in top speed and upon reaching the finish line.

Others enjoy the horse raising aspect found in the equine industry. Top breeders train and raise their horses for the big event which takes months and even years to complete. The bond between the trainer and the race horse is also quite special with them spending a considerable amount of time with themselves. Everything that you have been building up finally comes during the big event comes where the fruit of your labor will be shown not only to yourself but also the thousands of attendees.

Of course, we can’t talk about the equine industry without mentioning the betting aspect found in them. Betting in sports is a very common practice and a huge number of individuals are engaged to such practices on a regular basis. The same can also be said with regards to horse racing with them having their fair share of betting practices. Lawyers and judges often scout the best race horse for them to bet with.

Online betting has also bloomed and became very prominent. This in turn makes it possible for just about anyone even criminals to place their bets with regards to their favorite race horse at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. A number of races are streamed over the internet and results also show up in just a matter of seconds. As a result, it is fairly easy to be up to date with the latest news and happenings that are going around the equine industry.

You will not be finding any shortage of individuals who love horse racing in the present. John F. Jack DeMeo, for instance is a thoroughbred owner and breeder whose prominent Northern California law practice helped jockeys with legal claims.

As mentioned earlier, horse racing attracts different sorts of people even criminals alike. In fact, a top racing official caught betting on local races has been fined and disqualified from racetracks for 10 months. Illegal street horse racing has spread around Ballarò, Palermo, Italy and spawned its own own Internet sites, photos, YouTube videos and fan pages. Even the murderous Christy Kinahan cartel is heavily involved with two English criminals deeply associated with horse race fixing in UK. There have also been reports about horse thefts and to help secure the horse owners across the Harrogate district have been invited by police as part of the North Yorkshire Police Horsewatch scheme.